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a lightweight, fast, and free web browser



Midori is a lightweight, super-fast web browser, where speed behind a beautiful browser has always been an end goal.


The simple, easy to use, big-button interface makes Midori not only easy to use, but also leaves more space for the site you want to see.


With simple but highly customizable settings, and defaults with privacy in mind, Midori really set a standard for browser simplicity.


Everyone loves bookmarks, and you can save sites to your hearts content. You can even create launchers and add things to your Speed Dial.


RSS, Atom, and XML Feeds have become a staple of keeping up-to-date with the latest news. Midori can detect and add them to whichever client you choose.

Spell Checker

You spelt necessary wrong again. At least that red squigly line knows is nice enough to tell you every time. I wonder if it knows how to spell supercalifragi...


The speedy built-in downloader will fetch those songs for you in no time. Another album? Okay. A movie? No problem. Lets download the internet!